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Movie review: Abyss of Passion (Abismo de passion)

  • Reviewed by Doreen Umutesi
  • 10th Oct 12

Abyss of Passion is a Mexican soap opera that details the bitterness between two families and it’s negative effect on them for generations. A misunderstanding surrounding a fatal accident destroys Damian (David Zepeda) and Elisa’s (Angelique Boyer) love.

Elisa’s aunt Carmina (Sabine Moussier) is blamed for all the misfortunes that befall the two families and village as well. Carmina plans to flee the town with Rosendo Arango (Alfonsina’s husband, Damian’s father) but Alfonsina finds out and warns Augusto Elisa’a father.

Estefania, Elisa’s mother tries to discourage Rosendo from abandoning his family, but an automobile accident ends both their lives, so Carmina’s unable to convince Augusto that his wife was unfaithful to him.

Depressed Augusto decides to marry Carmina though he does not love her. Alfonsina decides to send Damián away from the town to study in an effort to separate him from Elisa.

Years later, Damian comes back all grownup and engaged to Florencia Landuchi, whom he met while studying in Italy.

Paolo Landuchi, Florencia’s uncle, is drawn by Elisa’s beauty, but since she doesn’t pay attention to him he tries to rape her with the help of Carmina. However, when Paolo is about to rape Elisa, Damian catches him and beats the hell out of him. 

Damian falls in love with Elisa and vice versa, so his old friend Gael becomes his enemy; Gael has also loved Elisa since he was a boy.

When Augusto finds out about the relationship between Damián and Elisa, he is haunted by memories of the betrayal of Rosendo and Estefania, so he frightens Elisa by threatening to kill Damian. Desperate and determined to protect the man she loves, Elisa agrees to marry Gael despite the great misery this causes her best friend, Paloma González, who has always been crazy in love with him.

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I don't like what elisa did to palamo it really hurts

16:41:19 Thursday 07th, February 2013 Nigeria - Chiamaka

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